Curriculum Information

We use an academic, faith based curriculum which teaches by learning units.  Units are developed around themes that provide opportunities for children to learn about God’s world and how to live in it.  The themes are designed to help lay a foundation for understanding God, Jesus, the Bible, the church, self, community and world, and creation.  Physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual developments are enhanced.

Each unit provides guidance and activities appropriate to the child’s stage of development that provide fine and gross motor skills, language, reading (and pre-reading), writing (and pre-writing), and math (with number recognition and counting) skills along with phonological awareness.

FAQ  & General Information

What are the hours?
  • All of our preschool classes meet 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM daily.
  • Car-line drop off begins at 8:15 AM and pickup runs from 12:30 to 12:45 PM. There is no before or after school program offered.
Do you provide snacks/lunches?
  • Our children eat a parent provided snack and lunch during school. Students eat as a class in their classroom.
Will my child have bathroom assistance?
  • ALL 3 and 4 Year old students must be fully able to use the toilet on their own prior to the first day of school.  Students will have multiple opportunities to use the bathroom as a class throughout the day, and are allowed to go individually at any time that they ask.  Teachers will assist children as needed (pull-ups may be worn if needed to prevent accidents, but no diapers allowed for these classes). Our 2 Year old class is not required to be able to use the toilet; however teachers will be working toward potty-training as parents begin working with their child at home (diapers allowed in the 2 year old class only).
What is the student to teacher ratio?
  • Our classroom ratio varies by age. In the 2’s it is 1 teacher to 7 students, in the 3’s it is 1 teacher to 10 students and 4’s Pre-K is 1 teacher to 12 students.  We have one dedicated teacher per classroom.
Do you have curriculum/objectives that you follow?
  • We have an academic and faith based curriculum for each class.  You will be given a list of our age specific objectives at our Parent Orientation in the fall.   We do both mid-year and end-of-year assessments on each student to measure each individual child’s progress against those objectives.
What do the fees cover?
  • A one-time registration fee is required upon enrollment for all new students.  This covers some of their initial classroom supplies and preparation as well as their school bag.
  • Activity fees are separate and due with first tuition payment.  These cover all activities in the school year including on-site “field trips”, special holiday projects, special school events, etc.
Who governs your program?
  • We are a ministry of Freedom Tabernacle church and are governed as such.  We are registered with Bright from the Start which is a State of Georgia agency that governs all childcare education facilities both public and private.  We are a non-licensed preschool and are not required to be by the Georgia DECAL You do not have to be a church member to attend our preschool.  We are an equal opportunity employer.
When is tuition due?
  • Tuition for Grace Academy is based on an annual figure for the entire preschool year.  These monthly installments are divided equally over the 9-month preschool year for your convenience beginning August 1st.   *Tuition paid in full on or before August 1st will be eligible for a 5% discount*
Payment Schedule for Monthly Tuition Installments
August 1 st - First tuition installment due
September 1 st - Second tuition installment due
October 1 st - Third tuition installment due
November 1 st - Fourth tuition installment due
December 1 st - Fifth tuition installment due
January 1 st - Sixth tuition installment due
February 1 st - Seventh tuition installment due
March 1 st - Eighth tuition installment due
April 1 st - Ninth tuition installment due

Goals and Objectives

At Grace Academy our goal is to reach and teach each child on their individual social and learning level.  We hope to represent the light and love of Jesus to each child and their family while working toward developing the child’s self confidence and independence while fostering a positive association with learning.  Our program and curriculum materials are emphasized around the knowledge that all children learn and comprehend differently and the “five senses” approach is used to effectively teach each child as well as to allow the staff to embrace each child as a unique creation.

Registration Form

Registration Begins January 22nd
Our First Day of School is September 4, 2024

Contact Information

Kerry Bennett, Director

2160 Freedom Parkway
Cumming, GA 30041