New Classes Begin August 2021

Purpose: To provide an opportunity to train the local body to be more effective ministers, provide a solid Biblical foundation, make disciples, and stir up the fire of the Holy Spirit with the Word of God. Through a partnership with the Calvary Fellowship School of Ministry , this platform allows us the opportunity to train, teach, and offer accreditation through Southwest Bible College and Seminary.


One Year Certificate of Ministry: Consists of two, twelve week semesters. and fits into the typical school year calendar. Classes are around 1 1/2 to 2 hours per week.
Associate's Degree: A simple 8-10 week add on to the One Year Certificate of Ministry. After completing the Associate Degree program, students receive 60 credit hours towards the Bachelor's Degree program.  Additional fees will apply.
Bachelor's Degree: After the successful completion of the Associate's Degree program, students may continue in the program to earn an additional 60 credit hours (20 classes) to complete the Bachelor's Degree program. Additional fees will apply.
One Year Certificate of Ministry Cost: $595
The cost includes registration, administrative fees, and the cost of the two, twelve-week semesters. There will also be a few books assigned to read throughout the year, the cost of these books are the responsibility of the student.

$100 is due the second week of class, and the remainder of the tuition may be made in installments throughout the course.
Course Schedule:
1st Semester: August 27th - November 19th
2nd Semester: January 14th - March 31st

Classes will be held on Tuesday nights at 7 PM
The 1st year certificate of ministry is not accredited; however, a student may complete the 8-week extension program and receive an accredited Associates Degree from Southwest Bible College & Seminary.
Download and complete the form and return it to Freedom Tabernacle


Phone: 770-887-4679